Earth Day Giveaway!

Happy Earth Month Stiletto City readers! We are counting down to Earth Day on April 22 and I want to help YOU find ways to live a green lifestyle – so I’m having a giveaway!

As you may know, I have a Stiletto City Facebook Page and I want all of you to “Like” it. In return, I promise to deliver fun information in your news feed such as beauty tips, upcoming events, and fashion finds, as well as notices when a new Stiletto City blog post goes up.

By “Liking” the Facebook page, you’ll be entered to win a fabulous new green product I just discovered – the Waterpik EcoRain Showerhead!

Let’s face, there’s a lot that goes on in the shower. For us ladies, there’s hair washing, leg shaving, facial exfoliating, etc. I’m in there for quite a while sometimes, which conflicts with my green desires to be water efficient. But the EcoRain Showerhead uses 20% less water than regular showerheads. That knocks a good chunk off your water bill AND does the planet right by saving this precious resource.

What I love about this showerhead is the design – it’s BIG, larger than your average showerhead with an oval shape that serves up a gentle “rain-like” stream that rinses your whole body, ’cause with all my activity in there, I usually get cold. Not with this baby! I stay covered in warm water while I do my business, plus there is a setting for a more concentrated stream when you need it, like rinsing out a headful of shampoo.

When I told the people at Waterpik how much I love this showerhead, they were kind enough to give me one to give to my readers! So YOU can win this amazing bathroom accessory simply by “Liking” the Stiletto City Facebook page. I will pick one winner at random from the names listed as Fans.

But hurry, you have until Earth Day, April 22nd to “Like” my Facebook Page and enter. If you’ve already “Liked” the page, you’re automatically entered – and be sure to tell your friends!

Here’s to more eco-friendly showers,

A product received from the brand’s publicist was used for this blog.  See Disclosure.

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